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Katrina Ridley



I love working with people endeavouring to help them gain a better quality of life, reduce their aches and pains, gain more flexibility and feel more relaxed and at ease.

I have lived and worked here in Boat Harbour – Port Stephens for the past 14 years and have been fortunate enough to have been able to help hundreds of people gain a better quality of life by reducing their discomfort levels with Bowen Therapy.

I was raised on a wheat and sheep farm in the middle of NSW, half way between Condobolin and West Wyalong. Hot dry and flat in summer and cold, dry and flat in winter. The compensation for that was there was lots of fresh air and outdoor activities.

The eldest of four children, I suppose, I was born with this innate sense of responsibility. A bit to serious some might say. In my 20s I ventured into teaching helping young people begin their school life and education.

In 1997 my beautiful nephew and godson passed away. He was nearly 11 years old. He had difficulty fighting infections due to a chronic blood disorder. It was his untimely passing and then 10 months later the passing of another nephew at just 20 months from leukaemia that proved the catalyst for change in my life.

I wanted to be able to help people experience the best quality of life possible regardless of their circumstances. This is what lead me to Bowen Therapy. I am passionate about this gentle, non-invasive yet effective body therapy. Bowen therapy can be received by an infant, the aged and frail, the ill and infirm, those with sports injuries or living in chronic pain.

The memory of those two beautiful boys is the reason I do what I do, endeavouring to help people improve their condition and quality of life.

Take care